Tablet Rumors For The Day (part 1)

We’re now officially one week from Apple announcement (and we can finally stop obsessing over the tablet), and the rumors are still flying thick and fast. Rather than clog up the news feeds reporting each and every rumor, lets try and hit them all at once.

  • Apple has been in 11th hour meetings with various publishers, over getting their content onto the tablet. Apparently the publishers are trying to retain greater control over the pricing and availability of their products.[via 9 to 5 Mac]
  • Ashok Kumar of Northeast Securities is predicting plenty about the tablet, including a $600-$800 price range, a docking station with bluetooth keyboard connectivity, and wireless connection via a mobile provider.
  • Time Inc. reportedly doesn’t have any content ready for the iSlate/Tablet/Whatever it’s called. Because they don’t know anything about the tablet, they haven’t anything prepared.
  • Amazon is going to double the royalties on Kindle books—up to 70%—in an apparent move to seize content before the iSlate. Previously the publishers only got 35%. But, in order to get this deal, certain criteria must be met: distribution costs must be met by the publisher; the books must go for $2.99-$9.99 and be at least 20% less than a physical copy; must support Kindle features like text-to-speech; and it’s only for books in-copyright and for sale in the USA.

We’ll be sure to let you know if anything more pops up.

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