iBooks Debut List Possibly Leaked


TUAW have obtained a leaked list of books, which may be the first round of titles available for iBooks. While they haven’t released the full list, they have discussed some of the details. There are 112 titles form eight publishers, ranging in price from $14.99 down to free:

The authors include Stephen King, Timothy Ferris, Malcolm Gladwell, Dubner & Leavitt, Kennedy, Agassi, Palin and Beck. There’s bestselling fiction (The Lovely Bones), fact (A History Of Modern Britain) and autobiography (Wishful Drinking). The prices range from $14.99 (for Too Big To Fail) all the way down to the magic of free (Heat Wave). It’s an eclectic list… and it might be the first round of books to be highlighted on the iBooks app in a few weeks.

Like TUAW said, it’s a widespread hodgepodge of titles and genres, but it’s the sort of shotgun approach you’d expect to see for an opening set of titles. See anything you’d like to read?

Even if you’re not planning on looking at a single book on the iPad, you can still win one from us in April?

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