Are There Other iPhone HDs In The Wild?


So, it’s well established that the iPhone that Gizmodo got their lucky/well funded paws on is legitimate. So is there more than one in non-Apple hands? MacRumors has raised the specter of another device, this time in China. The phone popped up on a twitter feed in February, and were roundly ignored due to a lack of additional information. However, when compared to the iPhone that Gizmodo got their hands on, similarities are obvious. While subtly different, there’s obviously a major link between the two.

033955-notsameIs this another pre-production iPhone? If it’s in China, it would be one taken from a factory rather than a beta version being tested like the California model. Another such model was spotted by Chinese iPhone site WeiPhone, and brought to attention by MacRumors. It also looks like Gizmodo prototype. Will we see more of these soon?

In the meanwhile, Gizmodo is denying allegations that the whole thing was an Apple leak (which I agree with), and the legality of their story is now a subject of much debate.

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