Apple Bullying Korean Chip Manufacturers?

According to an article in the Korea Times–and an anonymous source–Apple is using questionable tactics with its flash memory providers. If the report is correct, Apple has been leaning on Samsung and Hynix, providers of NAND flash memory. The accusation states that Apple is ordering more memory than it actually buys, a move which floods the market, and ensures prices are kept low. The manufacturers can’t do much about this, because they rely on Apple for so much of their business. ”Apple has asked Korean semiconductor makers to produce a certain amount of chips for its digital products, only to actually purchase a smaller volume eventually. The company doesn’t make immediate purchases, but waits until chip prices to fall to the level the company has internally targeted,” says an industry insider.

We have no idea about the veracity of these claims, but if true, this is dark, bullying behaviour from Cupertino, who are abusing their position of power over the manufacturers.

[via Electronista]

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