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PadFoot iPad Stand Looks Rather Nifty

The PadFoot stand for the iPad isn’t crazy expensive, doesn’t look like the bastard child of the terminator, and is absolutely tiny. We love it. It goes for $25-$35, depending on color.

This little oblong of plastic has a single notch in it, which supports the iPad standing up in either portrait or landscape mode. If you want to lie the iPad mostly flat, it’ll also raise the angle just enough to make it slightly more comfortable to type on.

It looks like it’s small enough that you can just chuck it in your bag, and then pull it out whenever you need. Color us intrigued.

[via Gizmodo]

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Music Composition and Improv on iPad with Seline HD

In the wake of work produced by the Stanford Laptop Orchestra and the many people worldwide using Smule applications on the iPhone, you knew this was coming: Four creative youngsters calling themselves the iPad Orchestra perform a nice piece of modern orchestral music here, using Seline HD, a new live performance and improvisation app optimized [...]

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How an App Store Could Revolutionize the TV Industry

This week’s media event could finally confirm (or scuttle) rumors of a new Apple TV device. If it’s based on iOS 4, like many pundits believe, there’s strong potential for this device to feature its own App Store. If such a future came to fruition, Apple could be facing another round of tough negotiations with content producers like it faced when it introduced the world to digital music and movie downloads. If it’s successful though, Apple could revolutionize the television content marketplace.

The Current Marketplace

Consider how you currently watch TV, which could be through broadcast or cable television. If you watch cable, you pay a fee to a provider (like AT&T), which allows you to see certain channels based on your subscription (though that model doesn’t seem to be panning out so well anymore). The providers pay a portion of your subscription fees directly to the networks (an average of about 26 cents per channel). Networks make additional money with the ads they run on their channels as well. If a network doesn’t show ads, you can expect they charge the cable provider substantially more than 26 cents per channel, and the opposite is true if they show an average amount of ads. This is all relative and pretty much a standard business model.

How Apple Could Shake Things Up

With the introduction of the App Store, we’re starting to see how some industries are shaking up the status quo. For instance, consider the magazine industry. Wired now provides its app directly to consumers, and can sell a digital version of its magazine at a comparable price (per issue) to the newsstand price. Yet, without having to incur the printing costs behind it, and even while giving Apple 30 percent of the revenue, Wired pockets a lucrative profit.

Can the same model work for the television industry? Network providers already provide their content through iTunes, and, through negotiation, have arranged to sell content at $2-$3 per episode. Rumors of 99-cent TV shows have been rampant but unfulfilled, simply because of the tough negotiations required to make it happen. Could the solution be to simply bring an App Store directly to the TV? If so, similar to the Hulu or Netflix app, a network provider like HGTV (s sni) could provide its own app for free and charge within for in-app content, like episodes of a show. If it wanted to provide streaming content of the past few episodes for free, it could do so. As long as it approves of the 70/30 profit split with Apple, it would maintain a lot more control over its content and pricing. The networks would be happy, and Apple would be happy. Networks could still run ads as they wished and earn even more profit.

Who would stand to lose from this? At the outset, nobody, but if such a solution were to become mainstream, then cable providers could begin to see a dip in subscriptions. Why would most consumers pay a monthly fee of $30 to over $100 if they only want to watch a certain show or a certain network? Instead of paying for needless extra content that consumers never watch (based on their own viewing habits), they can pay for content that matters to them. The providers are aware of this, which is why many of them also provide internet service (think about Verizon, Comcast (c cmcsa) and AT&T).

I think an App Store on the TV could really revolutionize how we watch and engage with content.

What are your thoughts? A new Apple TV could revolutionize the television experience. Do you think it will take off? I’d love to hear what you think, so please share your comments!

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New App Helps Create Time Lapse Journals

I’ve always thought time-lapse snapshots were a neat way to visually track change over time. Bay Area-based developer Redbot thinks so too, and they’ve created a Time Lapse Photo Journal for the iPhone that makes it easy to create time-lapse albums and share them with hapless victims your friends. Use the app to resize and [...]

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Tapping this app gives special-needs users a voice

A new wave of App Store offerings, including Proloquo2Go, is gaining favor over clunky and uberexpensive devices for those with communication disorders–and making assistive technology cool.

Originally posted at News – Health Tech

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Turn your iPhone into a desktop pinball table

Pinball Magic transforms your device into a pretty darn good rendition of a pinball arcade table, down to the plunger and flipper switches.

Originally posted at Crave

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What do you want Apple to unveil Wednesday? (poll)

Are you drooling at the prospect of an overhauled Apple TV? An iPod Touch with a Retina screen? How about some kind of online version of iTunes? Cast your vote!
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Caring for the earth becomes simple and fun with Green Quest 1.1 on your iPhone/iPad touch

Green Queens and Kings has announced the release of their new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch-Green Quest 1.1.
Green Quest is a perfect gameplay for children inculcating the respect for the earth and forming leader skills in each child.
The app makes kids able to name and design their own character. They can be a queen or a king outlining the missions and then going to accomplish them. This missions involve the whole family and step by step they will be supporting the healing and caring of our planet.
In addition to above features the app gets kids outside instead of making them addicted to the play. For this reason a big problem of the parents, worrying that their child spends to much time playing the games, will be solved.
Parents and teachers will want their kids to use Green Quest with friends, neighbors, and in classrooms around the globe.  With Green Quest caring for the earth becomes simple and fun.

 Green Quest features include:
 * Customizable characters
 * Interactive storytelling
 * Compelling visuals
 * Rich graphics
 * Available in English or Chinese
 * Fun virtual rewards
 * The real reward of helping the environment and having fun

Supported Languages:
 * US English and Chinese

Device Requirements:
 * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
 * Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later
 * 7.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Green Quest 1.1 is $.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes app Store in the Games or Green Apps categories.

For more information click here

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Apple Confirms Proximity Problems Not Yet Fixed

The iPhone 4’s proximity sensor is nothing but trouble. You told us, we listened, and Apple has promised that a software fix is in the works. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet. The Sydney Morning Herald contacted an Apple spokesperson about the issue, who “acknowledged the company had yet to fix the problem.”

The proximity sensor problems are a major issue, and one that we’ve heard a huge amount about from our readers (that, and bluetooth fuzziness). With Apple’s big event just a couple of days away, it would be a perfect opportunity for Steve Jobs to announce iOS 4.1, fix the proximity bug, fix the Bluetooth bug, and make it so iOS 4 is usable on the iPhone 3G.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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iPad Ship Time Down To 24 Hours

Good news, everyone! The iPad has finally come off its eternal shipping delays, and you can finally pick up the tablet without waiting for months for one to come available. Both Wi-Fi and 3G units, in all sizes, will now ship within in 24 hours from Apple, a marked improvement over the previous wait times.

Does this mean that interest has finally died down enough that Apple’s supply lines are already producing enough to meet lowered demands? Or have they bolstered manufacturing enough that they can finally meet the insanely high levels of interest? We’ll see if these short ship times remain in the run-up for Christmas, where you can bet the iPad will be under a number of Christmas trees.

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