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Interview With An iPod Collector: “iPods Are The Symbols Of Our Time”

Keen computer collector Melissa Maloney has a lot of iPods. A LOT of iPods. And quite a few computers too, including an ancient Canon Cat.
I saw her stuff and wanted to ask her: Why do you have so many iPods? What’s the appeal of these old computers? So I did. And here’s what she [...]

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Report: AT&T helped Apple with iPhone issues

AT&T executives visited Apple repeatedly to instruct Apple handset designers on wireless networking and assure Steve Jobs that they were working to resolve poor network coverage, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Originally posted at News – Wireless

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Navigon iPhone GPS app 1.5.0 update hits the store

Navigion releases the 1.5.0 update for its popular MobileNavigator application that adds a few more useful features.
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Will iPad launch bring OS 3.2 to iPhones?

OS 3.2 seems good enough for the iPad launch, and Apple likes to keep things on the same level.

Originally posted at Crave

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Last chance to enter our iPad Giveaway

Time is dwindling down on the everythingiCafe “Win an iPad” contest, so this would be your last chance to get yourself entered before the big giveaway. How do you enter? Become of a member of our forums, update your avatar and get 5 quality posts in before high noon on March 31st, 2010 (that would be tomorrow). We’ll select one winner at random from eligible entries and the winner will have 24 hours once we contact them. Full contest details available here.


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How Does Apple Prevent Hardware From Getting Out Early?


With the iPad due to hit mailboxes this Saturday — a fact leaving many of you no doubt anxiously staring out the window for a UPS truck, frantically refreshing the tracking page — how does Apple prevent any models from getting out a day early? According to BGR, they use a bit of a dirty trick, to make sure no copies accidentally get put in the brown vans before they’re meant to. Since the iPads were shipped from overseas, they need to pass customs to make it through the border, and before UPS can start sending them out, they need to see the clearance papers. Papers which Apple is apparently intentionally sitting on, so that the iPads don’t hit the streets before they’re meant to.

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iTunes 9.1 Lands, Adds iPad Support


Now live on the iTunes download page, or through software update, it’s iTunes 9.1! New features include:

  • -Sync with iPad to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on the go
  • -Organize and sync books you’ve downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library
  • Rename, rearrange, or remove Genius Mixes

It also appears as though you can import eBooks that you already have on your HD, which will help a lot for organizing them on non-iPad devices too, as my eBooks are a mammoth mess on my EZReader right now.

[via MacRumors]

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Is This The Face Of The New iPhone?

With the mammoth rumors of a new iPhone springing forth from the likes of the WSJ and John Gruber suggesting that we’ll see increased resolution and a front-facing camera. This video from iPhone repair shop SmartPhone Medic seems to fit the rumors, though it could just be a marketing stunt. The display shown in the video is a touch longer than the pre-existing iPhone covers, and it has a hole near the speaker — assumedly for a front-facing camera.

The extra length in the screen is almost entirely in the lower portion, near the home button, which some suppose might be due to the next generation 802.11n antennae.

[via TUAW]

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Gawk At This Gorgeous Mockup of The iPhone 4G

Here’s a very cool mockup of the iPhone 4G with an aluminum “unibody” enclosure from our friend Graham Bower of
The mockup takes its style cues from Apple’s current lineup of unibody MacBook Pros, which are carved from single slabs of aluminum. Metal gives the iPhone a much nicer look and feel.
Like today’s rumors, Graham [...]

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New, Free App Brings Cool Mac Mail Contact-Import Feature To iPhone

One of the coolest new features introduced in Leopard’s version of Mail is the ability to automatically add contact details to Address Book. Just hover the mouse pointer over something that looks like an address or phone number, and a box magically appears that lets you import the info, with the details brilliantly [...]

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